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Google, Internet 2 and powdered soap

Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, posted an interesting article on their blog today speculating what the “next internet” will look like. It’s no real surprise that they touch upon mobile web and location-based services. “In the next decade, around … Continue reading

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A List Apart industry survey

A List Apart is posting their second annual survey for “people who make websites.”  The results from last year were very interesting.  If you are somehow involved in designing, developing, writing, producing, or managing websites, I encourage you to participate … Continue reading

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Decentralize me, please.

Our content is becoming decentralized…and we love it. Most bloggers I know are tangled up in multiple social networks, photo sharing sites, messaging services, networking sites, bookmarking platforms and a plethora of addictive attention-grabbing web services. The concept of a … Continue reading

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