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Candid accessibility post from Google engineer Steve Yegge

Steve Yegge, a software engineer at Google, accidentally posted a very candid and eloquent rant on Google’s internal platform and accessibility challenges.  Intended for internal eyes at Google, he posted this on Google+, making it public by accident.  It is … Continue reading

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LinkedIn’s launches application platform

LinkedIn has launched its application platform to function much like Facebook, but for professionals. But unlike Facebook, the a LinkedIn application will be required go pass an approval process to be included on the platform. Users will also be limited … Continue reading

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A List Apart industry survey

A List Apart is posting their second annual survey for “people who make websites.”  The results from last year were very interesting.  If you are somehow involved in designing, developing, writing, producing, or managing websites, I encourage you to participate … Continue reading

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Premature launches – or bumping into the mousetrap

Every now and then incomplete web content gets launched completely by accident.  I call this nausea-inducing act “bumping into the mouse trap” because it always takes longer to gingerly reset the trap then it does to trigger it. Oh, and … Continue reading

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Google opens Website Optimizer

Google released their Website Optimizer platform last week for general use. It has only been available to sites using Google AdWords in the past, but now can be used by anyone to enhance site performance. This is great news for … Continue reading

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