Amazon One-Click Kindle book purchases

Wow. Color me impressed.

I purchased a book tonight for my Kindle with Amazon’s One-Click delivery, a service that makes buying a book literally a one-click operation.  However, the credit card that was associated with my account was expired.

Amazon delivered the book to my Kindle anyhow.

After I received the book on my Kindle I received a separate note (and an email) explaining there was a problem processing my credit card.  Amazon asked me to log into my account within the next 5 days to pay for the book…that they already delivered to my Kindle.

“Though your order may have already been delivered to you, it is important that you visit the following page within 5 days to update the payment information for this order.”

This is a pretty amazing customer service policy.  Frankly, I’m still a little shocked. Amazon actually delivered a product to a customer even though there was a problem with payment.

I happily paid for the book and would love to thank the Amazon employee who came up with this service policy.

Has anyone else experienced this with other companies selling digital products online?

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2 Responses to Amazon One-Click Kindle book purchases

  1. I wonder if they ever choose to erase the book from someone’s kindle if the person doesn’t pony up payment by a given deadline. They proved they can delete books already purchased by doing so with Animal Farm when they learned they were selling it without license.

    Is there any fine print that indicates what will happen if payment isn’t covered in 5 days?

  2. Dave says:

    Tim, I didn’t see any mention of removing the book if I didn’t pay for it, but it’s entirely possible. They have the technical capability to do that.

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