LinkedIn launches company profiles

Houston Chronicle LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn recently launched Company Profile pages that display detailed information on companies like the Houston Chronicle. I must have forgotten the shear volume of data LinkedIn has from all of its members diligently entering all their connections, past jobs, associations and groups.

I thought it was pretty interesting to include information on popular career paths (jobs before and after) and other companies most connected to (see screenshot to the left).

This is a nice addition to LinkedIn, however, it looks like they plan on adding even more functionality to the profiles eventually:

Coming soon, companies will be able to do the following to their LinkedIn company profile:

* post targeted jobs, recruitment videos, and other promotional material for recruitment
* post information about products and services
* upload company images
* and more…

This sounds great, but I’m betting LinkedIn charges for some of these new services…especially job posting. They’d be crazy not to.

The age, sex, title and school breakdown of employees within the company are also very interesting data to consider. I think you could learn a lot about a company by giving these stats a quick glance.

The stats will likely be skewed to younger and more technically savvy employees because the data comes from only registered LinkedIn users (not every employee in the company). But, hey I could be wrong.

It would be more accurate if it came from the HR departments of each company, but that would fairly labor intensive for LinkedIn to pull together.

The last feature I think is interesting is the “Popular Profiles.” Not sure why I showed up in that list, but it gets me one step closer to becoming the most popular David Herrold on the internet.

At which point I will retire and dispense wisdom from a mountain top.

Here is the link to the Houston Chronicle’s company profile on LinkedIn.


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