Arthur C. Clarke: RIP 1917 – 2008

Arthur C Clarke

Award-winning science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke, passed away in his home in Sri Lanka today.

From Bloomberg

The author, scientist, space expert and underwater diver was one of the most prolific and renowned science-fiction writers, publishing more than 30 novels, at least 13 short-story collections and 28 works of non-fiction. He was honored with a British knighthood in 2000, and his work inspired the names of some spacecraft, an asteroid and even a species of dinosaur. “2001: A Space Odyssey” was adapted in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film of the same name.

Clarke’s visions of the future took form in geostationary satellites, which some credit as a blueprint for modern-day communication methods. In 1945, he set out his ideas in an article, “Extra-Terrestrial Relays,” published in the Wireless World magazine.

The next time you hear Also sprach Zarathustra, by Richard Strauss, think of Sir Arthur looking down on us and saying “My God, it’s full of stars.”

Sir Arthur’s last public comments on his 90th birthday (Youtube video).

– Dave

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