Some SXSW 2008 high points

1. Talking with Junyu Wang, an interaction designer from Google China, over dinner at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant.  We talked about the prodigious use of TOR, Google translate and other proxy services that allow the people of China to surf the web uncensored.  He also spoke about how the majority of the population doesn’t really care about the censorship. More importantly, he enjoyed Harry Potter and his cat doesn’t have a name.

2. Hearing Jason Fried & Jim Coudal speak frankly about their businesses and the creative process.  These guys are bright.  I took notes.

3. Frog Design party.  Fire dancers from Sangre del Sol Fire Troupe.  Neato.

4. Meeting a ridiculous number of fascinating technology professionals in various stages of inebriation.

I’ll be posting some of the things I learned after I decompress and read my feverishly-scratched notes.

It’s good to be home.

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